Sunday, September 17, 2023

One hundred percent

 Sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I check on Hanoi Rondon and his quest for the 100% game (BBO). I just love the way he says "One hundred percent" with a little emphasis on the "hun" and the "cent."

On this board, the first of an "instant" tournament at matchpoints, I just didn't fancy a 1♦️ opening.  I wouldn't really know what to rebid. So, I took a leaf out of Hanoi's book and opened 1NT.

When my robot jumped to 3NT I started to get a little nervous!  But, not to worry, it's cold as long as West doesn't lead the CK at trick one!

In an instant tournament, a top is always 14 (US style), but there were no other 3NT contracts our way. I could just hear Hanoi intoning "One hundred percent!"

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