Thursday, July 12, 2012

GNT part 3

We were fortunate to end up comfortably victorious and go into the round of 8 tomorrow. Now, it's going to be much harder - our next opponent apparently blew their today's opponent out of the water.

There were definitely some interesting hands from today's match.  Here's one which wasn't a big win at imps (only 3) but nevertheless it was a nice defense. Hands have been rotated for convenience.

Our best lead should always get the contract down 1 (although there are some leads which will allow the contract to make). In any case, this was the auction and play (click on "Next" to step through trick by trick). The opening lead was fourth best and we play standard carding.


  1. I should note that generally speaking the standard of declarer play was much better than this. Clearly (IMO) she should have finessed the DJ at trick 2 to have at least a reasonable shot at four diamond tricks (not today obviously!). Looking at it like that, the 3 imps were probably more due to our teammate's superior declarer play at the other table.

  2. Robin, Kim, and team, congratulations on making quarterfinals. Not easy to do, although I was rooting for even more from your team.

    Given that even five diamond tricks won't produce nine tricks, seems to me that declarer should attack hearts at Trick 2. I don't think that playing on hearts will bring home the contract either, but it seems to me to be a better Trick 2 play. Not sure I understand the preference for finessing diamonds vs. playing diamonds from the top.

    Each player had different options in the auction, but overreaching to game does not seem at all unusual.

  3. How did you know to return the H7 at trick 5?

    1. Good question. I really don't recall but I suspect that I was worried that declarer still had SKJ and so wanted to make a passive return. By playing on hearts, declarer forced me into this decision before I knew the spade layout.

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