Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poet Laureate of Bridge

Did you know that I am the reigning Poet Laureate of bridge?  I thought not.  It hasn't been well-publicized.  But I have a certificate from the ACBL to attest to the fact.

At the Reno tournament this year, a limerick contest was set up as the entertainment on the evening that was St. Patrick's Day (March 17th in case you come from a different planet).  Whether or not the limerick is a truly Irish form of poetry is very much open to question.  The form was popularized by the Englishman Edward Lear (1812-88).  In any case, you can learn more on Wikipedia.

I decided to enter the contest after reading about it in the Daily Bulletin at the start of the tournament.  I got a little carried away and submitted five entries, although I admit that the first one I came up with was the best.  The judges apparently thought so too and I successfully challenged all comers to win the prize of $60 and the certificate, at least until next St. Patrick's Day.

Here is my winning entry:

This game of bridge is a breeze,
I bid six notrump as a tease,
I sure got my kicks
When I wrapped up twelve tricks,
Lucking into a stepping stone squeeze.

In future blogs, I may share with you some of the others too.

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