Friday, August 27, 2010

The (Doe) Rabbit visits the club (Part II)

The second board of the sit-out which I kibitzed was equally exciting.  The South hand this time was a nice distributional 12-count: ♠– AT532 A752 ♣AT72.  I had opened 1, partner raised to 2 and RHO came in with 2♠.  I naturally raised to 3 and LHO bid 3♠.  There it rested.  A trump lead would have been nice, but try as I might I couldn't find any spades.  Of course, it's anathema to lead a suit headed by an unsupported A so this was truly a hand with, as the Rabbit himself would put it, 13 wrong cards.  Reasoning that if partner didn't have the HK (he did raise, after all) then there was a decent chance on this auction that dummy would have it, I put down the HA.  Dummy did have the K, on which RHO pitched a club.  After drawing trumps, declarer conceded a diamond and two clubs.  Making three for 3/11 matchpoints our way.

At the next table, I watched while my counterpart, who by now I was thinking of as Ms. Zia-Rabbit, unerringly reached for the ♣2. North won the trick with the K, returned a small club to our Ace whereupon, North received a third-round ruff.  After that, it was simply a question of cashing the other two aces for the set and 7 out of 11 matchpoints.  Not a spectacular score because many E/W pairs were bidding higher and going down one or even two tricks.

The whole hand:
Dealer South, E/W Vulnerable.
♠ 10 7 4
Q J 8 7
J 10 8 4
♣ K 9
♠ A 5 2
K 9 6
K 6 3
♣ J 6 5 4
Board 3 ♠ K Q J 9 8 6 3

Q 9
♣ Q 8 3
♠ –
A 10 5 3 2
A 7 5 2
♣ A 107 2

You might note that N/S can actually make 4, but nobody both bid and made it.  To be continued...

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