Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rewarding mediocrity

Another rant on the subject of masterpoints.  Steve and I were in the single session consolation Swiss.  One of our team had over 2700 points so we were an "A" team.  There were 11 As, 12 Bs, and 8 Cs.  The event "paid" 6 As, 6Bs and 4Cs.  We had 51 VPs which unfortunately was only 7th, but who cares, it was a nothing event and master-points are not that important anyway.

But here's the thing: to "scratch" in B, you only needed 41 VPs (barely above average) for 1.26 masterpoints.  To scratch in C, you only needed 32 VPs, way below average, and this was worth 1.35 red!

Is this sanity?  Or insanity?


  1. I thought experts didn't care about master points!

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