Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reno mixed pairs

What a great time Kim and I had.  We peaked early (a "section" top in the first session), comfortably qualified with a healthy carry-over but had a disappointing final evening session -- opponents stingy with their gifts and a few too many errors on our part, including one absolute zero (unusual on a 90 top).

But there were some memorable hands.  I had two successful end-plays in the first session, a strip-squeeze in the second session and I made a great lead in the final session.  I'll give you the last as a quiz.  Your hand is: ♠A73 J7 AQ9874 ♣K8.   The bidding went thus:

RHO  Me  LHO Kim

Which card do you lead? I'll post the answer as a comment.

Meanwhile, several of our friends scratched (top 50) in this event which started with around 400 pairs.  Gloria and Steve were fourth!  Awesome.

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  1. ♦A. Result: +150. This was good for 82 matchpoints out of 90 (dummy came down with JT in diamonds).