Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is this a record for GIB futility?

Just playing a few hands with the GIBs on BBO.  I like this form of bridge because when my partner screws up I can yell quite happily without fear of offense.  Also, when I need to take a break, the GIBs just wait patiently.

Here's a hand where my partner GIB played well and my RHO GIB was a total moron:
Dealer North. None Vulnerable.
♠ J 
A Q 9 8 
A T 2
♣ T 8 7 4
♠ A K 8 5
6 4 3 
Q J 6
♣ Q J 3
Bridge deal ♠ Q 6 4 2 
T 7 5 
9 8 7 5
♣ A 2
♠ T 9 7 3
K J 2
K 3
♣ K 9 6 5

There were two passes to me and I had a hand that some people might possibly open in third seat. In fact, looking back over the other 15 results, one actually did open in third seat: 2♠!  This was not a huge success and ended up going quietly down 1 for the only negative score in the N/S direction and a loss of 5 imps.

But for me, if I open a substandard hand in third seat, at least the suit must be good (i.e. I want it led).  In this case there was no suit I particularly wanted led and the bad 4432 texture was not auspicious.

After three passes, LHO opened 1♣ and thereafter, everyone had something to say.  Here is the complete auction:

pp3♠ p

Given that I had earlier doubled 3 for the lead (i.e. a penalty double), and also I had passed over 3♠, my final double of 4♠ was incontrovertibly a penalty double.  According to GIB's post-analysis, they should only be down 4.  But GIB E followed up his terrible bidding with some pretty terrible play, not crediting me with four decent spades for my final double.  The result was down 5 for 1100 and a 14 imp gain on a nothing hand.

Gotta love those GIBs!

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